What is Tech Arts?

We are an integration company, specializing in audio, video and lighting system designs for event venues, shows and gatherings. Our commitment to empowering “Creative Excellence” means we’re all about finding the right solutions for your needs within your budget. We can even provide the professional talent to make your event happen!

Why Tech Arts?

TechArts has been providing quality, innovative system designs since the turn of the century. With our foundation as experts in design, we continue to add solid solutions for our customers such as:
• The right equipment at highly discounted prices
• Quality programming, integration and permanent installations as a C7 contractor with our own teams
• Solid follow up service, training and maintenance contracts.
• And now, we offer the talent to get even more return on these investments.

We don’t look for jobs. We look for relationships.

TechArts has always been known for personal dedication and service. We are determined to be an on-going resource to fellow sound people, tech directors, pastors, producers, and educators and provide them with reliable expertise, quick response, complete satisfaction, and access to almost every brand.
We pride ourselves in our many long-term customers, often with 4 or 5 successful projects, as demonstrated on our website. We become part of your team.

Chuck Mitchell, CEO, AV Design

Chuck's Mug3

Chuck’s passion for music and sound recording started in his elementary school years with reel-to-reel tape and playing keyboards in bands. Now, with over 40 years experience and a B.A. in the field of music, sound and technology, Chuck brings the balance of art, design, and technical applications to the table with a wide array of experience. As a composer, he has extensive experience and has composed with and for such greats as Thomas Dolby, Bob Ezrin, and others. As an AV system designer and sound engineer, his ability to create solutions, listen critically, and assemble resources brings every project to completion with excellence. As the owner and visionary for Voice of the Arts, Inc. and TechArts, Chuck is responsible for project designs, operations, management, quality assurance, staying within budget, and delivering on time. Chuck has also served as a dubbing consultant on several international films for 20th Century Fox, Lucas Films and DreamWorks such as Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3, Shrek, Spirit, Titan AE, and El Dorado, bringing these films to Russia, China, Greece, Spain, Poland, among others. Today, it is always evident that his commitment is to bring creative solutions to his client’s needs.

Jason Vandergrift, Programmer-Associate Designer

Jason1Jason started working with audio at a young age, taking apart speakers and other electronics. His first mixing job was for the middle school assemblies when he was 13. Always being around audio, he developed a passion for live music and was involved wherever he could. Citrus College was the natural place to build industry skills for engineering and design, working in the studio installing consoles and wiring patch bays. Shortly after work at Citrus, Jason started work at Tech Arts as an installer and office assistant. In addition to working at Tech Arts, Jason manages a tech department at a local church and runs many private events. After taking a larger role in the design process at Tech Arts, Jason now handles the majority of the company’s programming and technical troubleshooting. Jason has an easy going take on life, preferring sandals and tee shirts vs the techy industry polo shirts. In contrast, he has a high standard for excellence and is persistent in finding the answers to complex technical problems, sometimes getting manufactures to write new code.

Suzanne Borland, Accounting


Of course every office needs a numbers person and that is Suzanne.  She remembers sitting on her father’s lap and playing with his adding machine and had her own toy abacus.   She spent 15 years of working finance in the medical field where she met her husband, and then 10 years of working church finance where she met Chuck.  Now she is at TechArts, that is when she is not traveling up and down to Big Bear, playing with her two grandsons or heading out to see her son at the latest Air Force base he is stationed at. Wherever she is you can be pretty sure she has music on around her too.



Christian Spurlock-Operations Manager


Christian first discovered his love for audio in Jr. High. He started running sound for his youth group at church. He instantly fell in love with all things tech. He eventually worked his way up to running sound in the main sanctuary at his church and for multiple plays at his high school. After High School he was given the opportunity to be a production intern and attend Recording Connection Audio Institute. He continued to gain experience working for an electrical company as a warehouseman. There he was in charge of handling material and coordination, which made him the perfect fit for TechArts. He now handles the coordination of equipment, material and installers to ensure that all projects stay on task. Christian also has a great love for live sound and set design. He played a major role in the set design and tech decisions at his church where he was production intern. He continually desires to learn and grow in his knowledge of live production and technology.


Nathan Baldwin – Client Relations

Nathan has spent the last 2 decades working as a worship leader, band leader, set builder, studio musician and church consultant in and around Southern California. He has been privileged to serve at churches of 300 – 10k members and he brings that wide range of experience to every project he works on. He loves bringing new ideas to life and even more, taking something already good and figuring out how to make it great! For Nathan, it’s about finding the creative solution and it’s always about the people and personalities involved. Nathan enjoys talking gear as well as listening and learning about the unique context of each of our valued clients.




Emmanuel Huipe- Project Manager             

Emmanuel discovered a passion for music at a young age with learning to play the drums, and in equal measure grew his love of dismantling and occasionally fixing electronics. From working with his parents in their maintenance positions at church to volunteering with the media and music teams, Emmanuel has been strongly involved in service. All these things came together soon after high school when he came on staff at his home church as the technical director. From there he quickly launched into full-time tech, working gigs that ranged anywhere from corporate events to  concerts to installs. After some time in his career as a technician, Emmanuel knew that he wanted to focus on supporting churches and their growth. Emmanuel has been on staff at multiple churches and has always been an advocate for excellence in tech while focusing on building strong relationships with his teams.




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