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Brick and Mortar Money

Brick and Mortar Money

One thing that makes property more expensive is the investment of developing it with structures and functional spaces.

We serve clients that have all made the investments into creating gathering places. Whether auditoriums, theaters, gymnasiums, classrooms, churches and synagogues, they all have the common investment of being developed for gatherings. When you consider today’s inflated cost of land, the extensive process of designing and constructing a building, along with the ever-growing permitting processes, this investment is a massive amount of time and money. For any organization to complete these tasks is a victory of humanity.

This expense isn’t just to create a beautiful work of art with the sole purpose of being admired and gazed at. In most cases, the beauty of form must include function. Can you imagine spending all of the money it takes to build a worship venue only to have temporary plastic sinks in the bathroom, or to have overlooked heating and cooling? Prior to the development of technology, gathering spaces had no HVAC systems, electricity or even the luxury of a flushing toilet. All of these have since become cultural norms and common expectations. Having anything less in a new building would be considered an irresponsible epic failure of due diligence and a huge a waste of money.

Simply put, the expense of development is predicated upon the anticipation of efficiency and usefulness of the space. Over time, its frequency of use and functionality becomes the true measurement of the return on investment (ROI) as it drastically affects the actual expense of each event in the venue. The more it is used, the less it costs.

The look, design and feel of the space also serves as a catalyst for a successful investment. Technology is no longer limited to running water, electricity, and air conditioning. Audio, lighting and video technology uniquely contributes to the design and feel, while at the same time expands the functionality and effectiveness of any room. If you’ve noticed, there are very few doctors’ offices without flat screen displays often educating patients as they wait their turn. The same holds true for most public spaces as they usually include background music, well thought out lighting, and video content created to capitalize on the attention of the occupant. Much like the advent of electricity, these elements are now commonly expected and are established cultural norms.

It’s an overwhelming responsibility to ensure that a venue is as functional as possible. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many projects that are so focused on getting occupancy approval from the city that they open with AV band-aids such as speakers on sticks or poor acoustics with only hopes for someday “doing it right”. This is like that plastic sink holding a spot for the “someday” restroom upgrade.

As AVL consultants and contractors, TechArts is committed to the efficiency of every gathering space we work with. In order to achieve this we emphasize attention to every possible future application. The role of any respectable AVL design team is to partner with you as visionaries to create innovative systems that make the best of your up-front time, energy and brick-and-mortar money.

Chuck Mitchell-CEO, Creative A/V Design

Author Description

Chuck’s passion for music and sound recording started in his elementary school years with reel-to-reel tape and playing keyboards in bands. Now, with over 40 years experience and a B.A. in the field of music, sound and technology, Chuck brings the balance of art, design, and technical applications to the table with a wide array of experience. As a composer, he has extensive experience and has composed with and for such greats as Thomas Dolby, Bob Ezrin, and others. As an AV system designer and sound engineer, his ability to create solutions, listen critically, and assemble resources brings every project to completion with excellence. As the owner and visionary for Voice of the Arts, Inc. and TechArts, Chuck is responsible for project designs, operations, management, quality assurance, staying within budget, and delivering on time. Chuck has also served as a dubbing consultant on several international films for 20th Century Fox, Lucas Films and DreamWorks such as Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3, Shrek, Spirit, Titan AE, and El Dorado, bringing these films to Russia, China, Greece, Spain, Poland, among others. Today, it is always evident that his commitment is to bring creative solutions to his client’s needs.

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