New Life Community Church

Fortunately, architects from Timeless Architecture were keen to many of the needed elements to bring this room up to date not only aesthetically, but technically as well. With the filling in of the previously raked floor to achieve a flat-floor design, we were able to seize the opportunity for new infrastructure with floor boxes throughout the new stage and audience floor areas. There are plenty of tech/I.G. power locations, CAT5 lines, mic lines, monitor lines, returns, DMX, and com throughout. The flat-floor design also brought the advantage of being able to locate the new Allen and Heath iLive mixing console in several places throughout the listening area.


Several of those involved assumed that the line arrays had to go somewhere.  But not when pattern control is the priority.  We worked closely with Danley and Timeless Architecture to integrate our conventional Danley SH60’s into the sweeping proscenium. With this higher speaker location, we had the advantage of the low delta from front to back, allowing a great advantage for keeping sound off the glass and concrete sidewalls with even SPL AND beautiful stereo imaging throughout room. The subs were strategically placed in the proscenium as well. In order to keep the low frequency from building up in and behind the corner-stage and pipe organ loft, we implemented a cardioid sub array with 3 Danley dual 12” subs. Extension and bottom-end power is launched forward into the room with headroom for days while making the entire main speaker system invisible.


The acoustics design was key. We started with reverb times up to 6 seconds, much of it in the low-end. After great input from our many resources, including Auralex, Timeless Architects, and others, TechArts completed a design that made it all come together with a tight, powerful, enveloping stereo sound… One of our best sounding rooms- ever ! You have to hear it for yourself. Demos are welcomed.